IASCL - New Working Arrangements
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New Working Arrangements

The International Association for the Study of Child Language (IASCL) has now been established as a Private Company limited by guarantee (IASCL was incorporated on September 7th, 2007). See below for the IASCL Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Memorandum and Articles of Association

The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulators (OSCR) has given IASCL Charitable Status (November 21st, 2007). IASCL is a registered charity No. SC038873. See below for the documents and guidance booklets related to the legal aspect of the Charitable Status.

OSCR - Letter of Notification
OSCR - Charity Regulation in Scotland: An Overview
OSCR - Guidance for Charity Trustees
OSCR - Consents and Notifications
OSCR - Scottish Charity Accounts: An Overview
OSCR - Scottish Charity Accounts: Fully Accrued Accounts

IASCL began working under the new arrangements on April 1, 2008.

What does this mean in practical terms?

Since April 1, 2008:

a) IASCL has been a Private Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status. We will refer to it as IASCL: The Company.

b) IASCL: The Company has three Trustees/Directors: Gina Conti-Ramsden (Chair, Board of Trustees/Directors), Antonella Sorace and Mits Ota (the latter two are Organizers of IASCL 2008). These three individuals are Trustees for the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulators (OSCR) and they have agreed to serve for an initial period of three years (keeping in mind that not all three Trustees can leave at the same time to ensure continuity). We suggest that the Trustees need to have some local knowledge. (At least one should be from Scotland.) The outgoing President will automatically become the Chair of the Board of Trustees for a period of three years.

c) IASCL: The Company has a Company Secretary. The Company Secretary is responsible for ensuring that the necessary documentation goes to Company's House. Ludovica Serratrice has agreed to serve. This appointment is for a three year period initially. The Company Secretary is one and the same as the office of Secretary of the IASCL.

d) IASCL: The Company has a Company Treasurer. IASCL: The Company has a single account for the Company which requires two signatures for any transaction (e.g. Treasurer and Secretary). These accounts need to be prepared for audit and go to the Inland Revenue once a year. Anna Theakston has agreed to serve. This appointment is for a three year period initially. The Company Treasurer is one and the same as the office of Treasurer of the IASCL.

e) IASCL: The Company needs to satisfy:

The above (Trustees/Directors, Secretary and Treasurer) will be advised by an Accounting Firm, Fox Fleming of Scotland, for a period of three years initially.

f) The Company is required to have a Board meeting once a year (minimum).

g) The membership of IASCL was transferred to the Company on April 1, 2008. All members will become associate members of the Company.

h) All associate members are eligible to hold offices within IASCL, be part of any of its committees and/or hold positions within IASCL: The Company.

i) Structure of the new arrangements for IASCL:

IASCL Structure