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First Language - Special Offer to members of IASCL

IASCL members have a discounted rate for individual subscriptions.

Members of the International Association for the Study of Child Language (IASCL) are entitled to a 30% subscription discount to First Language (on the individual rate). All you need to do is to quote the code IASCL when subscribing. Ordering your subscription is easy (you can do it online) just visit the journal website:

About First Language

First Language is a forum for research into how children acquire their first language, and the application of that research into practice.

First Language publishes original research, theoretical articles, review articles and book reviews in all areas of first language acquisition. Age groups studied range from neonates to adolescents.

First Language is multidisciplinary in scope. Child language research is multidisciplinary and this is reflected in the contents of the journal: research from diverse theoretical and methodological traditions is welcome. Empirical papers range from individual case studies, through experiments, observational / naturalistic, analyses of CHILDES corpora, to parental surveys.

First Language’s editor is Professor Chloe Marshall, University College London, UK.
First Language is published by Sage (