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Virginia Mueller Gathercole

Dr. Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole is Professor of Linguistics and Director of the Linguistics Program at Florida International University, in Miami, Florida. Previously, she served as Co-Director of the ESRC Centre for Bilingualism and Professor of Psychology at Bangor University, Wales.

Prof. Gathercole received an honors BA in Spanish from St. Louis University, and an MA and PhD n Linguistics from the University of Kansas. She has worked extensively on children's language acquisition, both in monolingual and in bilingual children, focusing especially on English and Spanish monolinguals and on Spanish-English and Welsh-English bilinguals. She is interested in the factors that make language learning and processing easy or difficult for children, whether monolingual or bilingual. Her work also addresses aspects of the interaction of cognition and language. More recently, she has focused on issues related to the assessment of bilinguals and on examining possible cognitive effects of bilingualism. Her work appears in journals such as Child Language, First Language, Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism, Child Development, and Second Language Research, in book chapters, and in edited volumes such as her Routes to Language (2010), Issues for the Assessment of Bilinguals (2013), and Solutions for the Assessment of Bilinguals (2013).