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The 15th meeting of IASCL was postponed from 2020 to 2021 in hopes that the pandemic might have passed. However, given the continuing danger posed by the pandemic, the meeting was held online in July 2021. We look forward to the next meeting in Prague organized by colleagues of the Charles University in 2023.

The Business Meeting for the 2021 Congress was held online. The minutes of the meeting will be posted soon.

The International Association for the Study of Child Language (IASCL) was founded to promote international and interdisciplinary cooperation in the study of child language.

Its major activity is the sponsorship of the triennial International Congress for the Study of Child Language. Previous Congresses have been held in Tokyo, Japan (1978), Vancouver, Canada (1981), Austin, U. S. A. (1984), Lund, Sweden (1987), Budapest, Hungary (1990), Trieste, Italy (1993), Istanbul, Turkey (1996), San Sebastián, Spain (1999), Madison, USA (2002), Berlin, Germany (2005), Edinburgh, United Kingdom (2008), Montreal, Canada (2011), Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2014), Lyon, France (2017), and Philadelphia (2021).

In addition to the congresses, the IASCL produces the Child Language Bulletin twice a year, with directory information, book notices, a conference calendar, and other useful information. Members are also eligible for a substantial subscription discount to three leading journals in the field, First Language and the Journal of Child Language and also to the International Journal of Bilingualism.

A special effort is made to assist doctoral students to attend the triennial conference. A bursary scheme started in 2014 to assist with fees, accommodation and travel costs. Updated information will be published on the website in due course ahead of the 2020 congress. For further information you can contact the Treasurer.